To influence directly



When the U. S. Air Force trained me as a technical instructor in 1957, the Instruction
model was Tell'em: "Tell'em what you're going to tell'em, tell'em, and tell'em what you
told'em.  Our student motivation model was creating a "burning yearning for learning."


The Instructional Model:

Learning Goal (Opening):  An ad for what's coming; e.g., "In this session we will cover
the three addresses carried in every datagram sent from and to your workstation."


Known to Unknown (Middle):  Explanation of knowledge to be learned; e.g., "Just as
each of us has several identifiers: DNA, name, home address, so, too, your terminal
has three identifiers to the network:  a hardware addess, unique to every device, a
net address for the net you are on, and an app address for your network connection.


Assess (Closing):  To ascertain learning has occurred; e.g., "How many addresses does your net device use in a session and what are they?  (clarify and discuss).



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