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Whadda Ya Want?

Innocently breaking a barrier


Selling analog computers in the early sixties I was charged with making a presentation in New York City. As my boss was prepping me for the trip, he said, "Gordon, you keep telling me your a simple little country boy from Missouri. You may not be ready for New Yorkers. They're tough. You need to be careful." "Okay, Charlie, I will."


One of my buddies knew how much I liked donuts. Liked to say, "I don't know why you didn't become a cop." Then he told me about a great donut shop near the hotel. (Chock Full'o Nuts?) Whatever, when I sat at the counter that first morning, a New York Times in hand, the waitress looked down her nose and barked, "Whadda ya want?"


In a timid small town Missouri voice I said, "I've been told you have the best donuts and coffee on the planet." Again, "Whadda ya want?" "Two of your best donuts and a cup of coffee." "What kind." "I'll bet you know the best ones. Would you pick for me?" "Coffee regular?" "Yes." She served me left. (Flash: Coffee regular has milk.)


Having survived my first New York confrontation, I enjoyed the feast and New York Times. When she came to refill my cup, she smiled and said, "Anything else, Hon?"



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