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Plan Your Life

Plan Your Life, Live Your Plan... Yeah, Right!


In my Junior year, I decided to be a high school math and science teacher. Graduating early to begin college a semester sooner. I failed. Wasn't ready for college. My plan dashed, I escaped by joining the Air Force.


With high math/science test scores high, I was sent to an electronics tech school. There, I married my high school sweetheart and studied hard because the top graduate could choose his duty assignment. I wanted to be stationed where my wife could be with me. I did and they kept me as an instructor. So much for planning.


Next I enrolled in engineering school and found work at Mizzou building equipment for the Experimental Psychologists and maintaining the school's scientific computer. With my BSEE, I joined GM, only to discover engineering was not for me.


Moving on, I became a salesman of scientific computers, then computer services and finally computer networking equipment which led to product management.


Laid off in 1986, I became a technical consultant which led to developing and delivering communications network seminars, mainly the Internet, retiring in 2001.


Today, busy taking life as it comes, I plan only to deal with what is. For me, planning is good, but I no longer count on it.


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