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Me Do It

"It was cute, but it wasn't very good English." Mom


My Mom liked to embarrass me? Am I alone in this? I know she loved me... made great oatmeal cookies... fed me beyond reason... encouraged me to "Be good and have fun." every time I left the house. Still, she loved to tell this story, often, it seems, when I was most susceptible to embarrassment. As I recall, she said,


"One day, Gordon was playing with my pots and pans in the kitchen, making more noise than progress. Suddenly I heard a scream and rushed to see if he was hurt. No, he was frustrated by trying to put the bottom of my double boiler into the top. He was angry he couldn't make it fit. When I reached down to help, he slapped my hand away, 'No! Me do it me own self.' It was his first sentence. It wasn't very good English, but I knew what he meant... it's pretty much the way he is."


My Mom was great. Yes, her telling that story at the most inconvenient times was an embarrassment, not because it was a criticism, but because it is true two ways: It really happened. It has been the cornerstone of my life. I am in my finest moments when I am doing it myself, like creating this website. Thanks, Mom.



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