Fear of Speaking?


A Great Myth of Public Speaking


When someone says, "Public speaking is the #1 fear."  I want to scream, "No.  It's not... It's an anxiety." Fear is a phobia: fear of snakes, spiders, heights... Still speaking anxiety does exist for valid reasons:


•  Inexperience: Anxious about what we have not done.  Do it!

•  Lack of preparation:  A common cause.  Be Prepared!

•  Lack of commitment:  Another major cause.  Do your best!

•  Belief in the Myth: Dismiss the myth for what it is, bogus.

•  Nothing to say: Intelligent fear of being the fool.  Be smart!

•  Disinterest:  Not wanting to speak.  Don't!


Note to Speakers: Public speaking anxiety is real, but it's not terminal. If you have something to say that audiences want to hear, do it. What begins as a negative will, with experience, become a positive. The best speakers are anxious before every program, mainly eager to show their skill.


It's simple; it's not easy; it's great fun; it's worth the effort.



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(as of June 5, 2015)