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A One-on-One relationship helping another become a better speaker


The Premise

"Speaking is a performing art. Without an audience, a speaker doesn't exist."

Bill Gove, considered by many to be the best speaker of his day.


Advising is not Coaching

In coaching, the goal is guiding another's performance to achieve specific goals. A speaker's goal, uniquely theirs, is ever changing. As an adviser, my role is discovering, then encouraging development of a speaker's natural style. It is an interactive process, dependent on a speaker's personal objectives.


The Advising Process

 Meetings: We sit down for an hour to discuss where the you is, what you are working on and what you want to pursue in their development.


Assessment: Gordon attends a program, then meets with the speaker to discuss three issues: What went well. What could be improved. What could be added. When a speaker focuses on these three, success is achieved sooner.



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