About Story Gordon 

"What's it about?"  That's the base question!


Story Gordon (Hill)

Arriving on January 1, 1938, he has traveled six stages of living – Childhood, Adolescence, Adult, Maturity, Mastery, and Elder – leading to the seventh, Enthusiast, as Story Gordon.


As a public speaker in many forms since 1955, he believes audiences insight is the goal, a quality realized within by a good story.


How has this come to be? By living in the cycle of realization– Paying attention, assessing the situation, considering alternatives, making choices (recycling forever) – no matter what.


He's been around: Worked, been unemployed, been good, not so good, fired, laid off, owned a business, retired, volunteered and consumed enough cafe' negro to float a big boat.


...is a place to consider how everything is going.


This is a presentation of clues to consider, not directions to follow. (There are too many telling us how we should live.) Living is ours to choose.


This came into being because I wanted to "share my wisdom" as Patricia Fripp, a speaking buddy suggested. Didn't know I had any, but here it is. Judge for yourself. Use what fits. Olé!


Living and Speaking have been my focus from the beginning. This site is dedicated to all who relish the former, value the latter and have helped me.


Welcome to my world.  If you like what is here, enjoy. If you want something else, please ask. Either way, all the best in your quest.


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