What Now?

On living life as our[true]self

in the moment, where we are,

who we become, no matter what...


That's the ticket to living an authentic life.  As I enter Stage Six of Living (Enthusiast), I want to write and am renewing my GordonBook program.  This is Book #2.  There are more to come.  They are free for the printing, but if you sell some I expect a 50/50 split of the gross.


The idea of living life as our[true]self, authentically, is an old one.  It is "the hero's journey" we travel.  Being unique – biologically, experientially, psyhologically and otherwise – no one knows what is ours to become.


This What Now? GordonBook addresses two points:


Living Life:  Life is the gift; living means choosing.


Our[true]Self:  Authentic living is simple, but not easy, yet possible.


What Now? (PDF)


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