Our Heroic Adventure

The Segues and Stages of Living



Every human life unfolds in stages divided by
segues.  Each thirteen year(?) stage is a new
act in this play of life, a mini-quest in our journey.



Back Story

Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces popularized the eternal hero journey: hearing a call; rejecting/answering it; suffering/venturing forth; returning from the quest fulfilled, victorious.


In As You Like It, Shakespeare’s stages of life – infant, schoolboy, lover, soldier, justice, elder, second childhood – works in the play and is a basic model.



Eric Hoffer's view of life's passing in stages of thirteen years or so fits my life – childhood, (13), adolescence, (26), sales, (39), product management, (49), professional speaking, (63), volunteerism, (77),
a speaker and writer… with more to come.

Our Heroic Adventure is a persoanl reflection of how my life has unfolded.  Maybe there are a few points in common with yours.  Whatever... enjoy your journey.


Our Heroic Adventure (PDF)


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