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The Only Thing We Need to Know?


In the nineties, a recurrent professional speaker's admonition was, "Write a book!  You've got to write a book."  I did.  Many. Huge seminar notebooks each student got for a multi-day seminar.  My speaking buddies railed on.  In jest, I wrote The Last Word in Self-Help to end the 'bullying.'  While that failed, it does reveal a personal truth:


 I'm on a quest to live my best

 To find my joy, to feel the zest

 Which flows in life as my[true]self

 Engaging what is on my shelf.


The "Write a Book" movement continues.  Fine.  I've written mine.   It tells what I see at the core of authentic living: Helping.  Now in its fifteenth edition, with thousands distributed. Sold one to Ray Pellitier. He gave me $10 and said if I didn't keep it he'd never speak again... not beiing a career killer, I kept it.


Below are links to the image, even a PDF if you want to print it free. All the best in your quest, wherever it leads.


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